"The beautiful is in nature, and it is encountered under the most diverse forms of reality. Once it is found it belongs to art, or rather to the artist who discovers it."

- Gustave Courbet

Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi Italy

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Mic Carlson has been personally touched by the life and history of St. Francis of Assisi. This icon of the early church lived in a way that reflected his belief that all creatures were loved by God. To this end, Mic has begun work on a series of bronze statues that will reflect the life and times of St. Francis.

In 2004, Mic was invited to the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi for a bronze exhibition. He was the first American sculptor to be bestowed with such an honor. The Basilica of St. Francis is 800 years old and is graced with the incredible frescoes of the perhaps first modern artist Giotto. Michelangelo visited the magnificent basilica to study these frescoes before painting the Sistine Chapel.

Over 30,000 people from all walks of life visited Mic's St. Francis bronze exhibition, from September 18th through October 16th, 2004. Mic met the President of the Senate Marcello Pera and presented him with a painting of St. Francis.

The exhibition was also a collaboration with Italian Photographer Andrea Angelucci.
His photos were placed behind the bronze of Francis as backdrops presenting scenes of places Francis visited in Assisi. A remarkable exhibition of true brotherhood and friendship, it would have made St. Francis proud.

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