"I remember my Mother telling me at an early age to accept each person I meet as my equal. She taught me that everybody has been given a special talent, whether it be humor, creativity, a genuine loving heart, the art of truly listening, singing, dancing, writing, painting..whatever the gift, it should be shared with others. Now I wish to share that beautiful lesson with you and hopefully you too, will pass it on."

- Susan Evangelista, Author



Tommy's New Shell

A story with St. Francis and St. Clare

Susan Evangelista, Author, and Sherrie Coke, Illustrator, of the new children's book Tommy's New Shell, are touring Michigan where they will giving presentations at various elementary schools. Susan and Sherrie were both raised and reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan. During their visit to your school district, Susan and Sherrie will:

· Present their book to the class(es)---they will read some pages to the children and show them illustrations in the book.

· Give a video presentation which introduces the characters of the book to the students in a lively and humorous light.

· Conduct an inspirational and positive speech to the children encouraging them to use their talents and creativity, follow their dreams and have a "can-do" attitude.

· Inspire children to be kind and helpful to one another, as the characters in the book portray.

· Visual Presentation of the animal characters in the book. We will show stuffed animal characters from the book for the children to see and touch.

Susan and Sherrie would like to be guest speakers at your school this year!



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